Bundan Sonra by Selda Bağcan

November 27, 2007

From Now On (Anymore)

Even if you were the Koran, the Gospel or the Psalms
I will not open you [to read you] anymore
Even if you were the elixer of life
I will not drink of you anymore

Even if you were a magnificent bird
Even if you were the first among all that is beautiful
Even if you were a priceless fabric
I will not sew you anymore

Even if you were the rose of a special garden
Even if you were honey of white seeds
Even if you were a coral-colored pearl
I will not wear you anymore

Death is what the Lord wisheth
Your words are wounds on my soul
Even if you were the bridge to heaven
I will not pass you anymore

Bundan Sonra 

kuran, incil, zebur olsan
açmam seni bundan sonra
abıkevser suyu olsan
içmem seni bundan sonra

eğer ulu bir kuş olsan
cümle güzele baş olsan
paha yetmez kumaş olsan
biçmem seni bundan sonra

has bahçenin gülü olsan
beyaz tohum balı olsan
nur-i mercan inci olsan
takmam seni bundan sonra

ölümdür hakkın muradı
sözün özüme yaradır
olsan cennettin sıratı
geçmem seni bundan sonra

To be honest I don’t know for sure whether or not Selda Bağcan has written this song, but she does sing it. This song is a little known gem, if I’m not mistaken from the 70’s. It’s a sad song, somebody has been let down by their beloved in such a way that she doesn’t want to have to do anything with him any longer. Even if he would be the most precious among things… The translation does need a few explanations though:

  • Abıkevser suyu: This composition is just brilliant. Âb-ı Kevser Suyu. Âb = water (Persian), Kevser = a river in heaven (Arabic, Koranic in origin) & Su = water (Turkish). So basically you have “water” two times. This is because âb-ı Kevser has become solidified as abıkevser in Turkish and the meaning of âb has been lost over time. I think the best way to translate this heavenly water is “elixer of life” because it wants to express a type of water so precious that anybody would want to drink of it… except for the singer :)
  • Biçmem: From the verb biçmek which means “to cut”, but in relation to the verse preceding it we know it means to “cut the fabric”. This means in Turkish as much as “cutting the fabric in order to make clothes out of it”. Because of this connotation of producing clothes, I decided to use “sew” instead of “cut”. However, I have to note that the essential feeling that the verse tries to convey is: “I will not wear you anymore”.
  • Beyaz tohum balı: One can only imagine how precious the honey derived from only the white pollen of flowers must be. Although I have to admit I’m not very sure of this…
  • Nur-i mercan inci: Nur (Arabic) means light and Mercan (Arabic?) means coral Inci (Turkish) means pearl. So why not a “coral-colored pearl”? Again I’m not very certain about this…
  • Özüme:  From the Turkish Öz which means self. Soul is a better choice here though.
  • Cennettin sıratı: The Sirat is in Islamic tradition a very thin bridge that hangs over hell and that all people are supposed to pass in order to get into heaven.

Listen to the song here, along with the lyrics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqcuaOQA3HI


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