Rindlerin Akşamı by Yahya Kemal Beyatlı

March 3, 2007

Eve of the Stoners

We are at the dawn of an irreversible eve. It is way too late;
This is the last stage, life of mine, so pass however it pleases you!
Even if returning to the world once again is dreamt about,
We wish not to be fooled with such a consolation.
The endless, silent night that begins after passing the door
Whose wide wings open, pure black, in a void
Whereafter the sun no longer rises.
In the last garden set against the sunset, do as you wish,
Wreck your self in excitement, or be a heart in love!
A tulip must bloom in our bossoms or a rose.

Rindlerin Akşamı

Dönülmez akşamın ufkundayız.Vakit çok geç;
Bu son fasıldır ey ömrüm nasıl geçersen geç!
Cihana bir daha gelmek hayal edilse bile,
Avunmak istemeyiz öyle bir teselliyle.
Geniş kanatları boşlukta simsiyah açılan
Ve arkasında güneş doğmayan büyük kapıdan
Geçince başlayacak bitmeyen sükunlu gece.
Guruba karşı bu son bahçelerde, keyfince,
Ya şevk içinde harab ol, ya aşk içinde gönül!
Ya lale açmalıdır göğsümüzde yahud gül.

Yahya Kemal Beyatlı (1884 – 1958)

YahyaKemal1In this poem Yahya Kemal is talking about death. He points out that even if some people do believe in a life in the hereafter or reincarnation, he is not fooled or satisfied by such a fantasy. He urges the readers to live their life in excitement and love. I chose the word Stoners as a translation for Rindler although I realise that it is not an adequately precise definition of it. A Rind is somebody who is in a state of ecstacy or high. So I figured for our times the best single word description would be “stoner” :)

Watch Marlon Brando sing the beautiful TSM (Türk Sanat Müziği) rendition of this infinitely dark poem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0Xt0CWeLYY


2 Responses to “Rindlerin Akşamı by Yahya Kemal Beyatlı”

  1. I think that “Eve of the Revelers” would be an even better translation for the title of this poem. :D Thank you for translating it. Beautiful!!!!

  2. Amel CHIHEB said

    sad and beautiful and true!

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